I am an Inspirational Speaker, Poet, Author, Radio Personality, Music Artist, and Minister.
I always desired to use my voice in power and authority to impact and empower the world.
My voice will be used to spread into all the world and tell of the good news of my Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ. Our tongue is truly a sword, and how we use it in this time of our lives will
determine if we destroy someone soul or spirit (mind or heart) or lift someone up. The choice is yours to make
either kill people with harsh words or resurrect someone back to life from all the negativity that they have been through in life. I personally encourage you now watch what you say to people because you too have the power
to embrace people with your word by showing compassion, empathy, and sympathy toward others. Be motivated to do the right thing with your words. Remember God created the universe with his words and destroyed the earth with a flood with his words. What will you Create or Destroy? Either bring peace or war with your words. Either destruction or invent creativity ideas and concepts with your words. It goes in this order, thoughts become words and words become deadly fatal actions or inspiration.


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