Do You want $20.00 or $20,000,000 Dollars

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How can you expect to be faithful over wealth if you can not even be faithful

toward God when you are poor and have nothing. According Luke 16:10

It states “If you are faithful with a little money, you will be faithful with

millions and billions of dollars. But if you are dishonest in having small things, you will not

be honest with greater responsibilities”. Now my perception of this is; if you can not give to charity

$10.00 out of $20.00, why would you expect God to bless you with $20,000 when you can not

even give charity $10,000 of that. When will the day come that we do not have to suffer with greed,

or let money control us. Why do we worship money, because it is the idol of our time? I beg you to trust in

the creator that made this all. He is the source of everything you need and desire. Philippians 4:19 say’s “Our

God shall supply all our needs according to his riches and glory by Christ Jesus.

I challenge you to lean and depend on Christ Jesus to bring you out of poverty,

do not go into the world to lie or steal for what you want. You ask me why, my kids are hungry or need pampers?

Because Jesus has already promised you an inheritance from Father God blessing, and you

will receive some of those blessings and miracles on the earth as well as in heaven. If you do not take my word for it,

look at Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, King David and King Solomon lives they were all very

wealthy men in the bible (go read about them for yourself).  If you still do not believe God promise to make you rich in the earth,

take a look at Deuteronomy 8:18 it states “Remember the Lord your God, through his ability, he produced riches and wealth

in your life, to keep his contract with you, because he swore to our forefathers under his name, to make us  a wealthy people,

as some literally are Today”. So now you say; well I am not part of that promise because me and my family are broke,

facing financial hardship. I say to you boldly now, you can only receive

the power of wealth through belief in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, not having any hidden motives or evil intentions in

mind, and having your heart in a pure place. If all of that is line up, now just be patient until the set time comes for you to reap your

harvest on the earth. There is a set time for every person to gain their prize on the earth.

However if you know of someone who died and never got blessed like they wanted to it’s, because

they never believed it could truly happen to them. God forbid you make that same mistake.

To manifest this in reality according to Matthew 6:33 ” You must seek 1st place the kingdom of God


Remember you are already rich in the kingdom of God, so just call all your belonging  into existence

in the earth territory.



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