Atenna Television VS Digital TV

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When our great,great, great, great, GREAT, grandparents decided

to innovate television set, they had a perfect vision in mind,

a vision of creativity, being sought after idealist of the

imagination itself. They thought of a way of bringing ourdreams into

reality through a TV screen. However as time passed

something devastating happen, we lost our ancestors mind

and thought conceiver of  keeping television as this great little

fairy tale, that all nation were able to watch all over the world at the same time.

We somehow lost the ability to conceive dream makers out of our youth.

So now we have lost the positive ideas of to create dreams

in the new generation which are our children.

Wehave now brought in Digital Tv, Cable TV, DTV Converter Box,

and Analog Digital Converter Box. Which has brought in negativity worldwide

we are no longer tuned into the positivity. The Media chaotic drama in todays world

is destroying our society in a major way,they are instilling fear in our generation

and children. Now is the time for those of us in the Film Production Company

and the Film Industry to take the stand and take back our making of the films

and turn them back into positive and educational TV shows and movies.

Together lets instill knowledge, education, and wisdom from the biblical

stand point from the word of God. Let’s establish positive creativity through screenwriting, and produce

influential entertainment production.

If you are a Independent Film Television Producer, Film Distributor, Cinematographers,

Videographer, Video Editor, Film & Movie Director, and or have your own movie studio.

I am a Screenwriter and Film Executive Producer, so if anyone of you film makers

-ant to link up with me to make more inspirational, empowering, and Christian videos.

You can contact me at: 1-877-853-9610 or 979-492-2756


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