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The Unseen
Psalm 75 v 8-23

To all that go against God’s will and stray away from the goodness of there doings once before remember God is the creator of all creations? which made land dry up until there is no living creatures on it except. scorpions snakes,lizards the city of Arizona. split the sea so the gentils can cross over to be free all the bridges over the world in remberance of his great works the signs or here verse 9 he order you off his thoughts. breath life into you after you signed the contract of life before you made form in the whom. So Ever bite of every thing. belongs to him because the holy spirit dwells here,  on the earth, in the Now to let You know he is still living and inventing the Unseen AND THE UNTHINKABLE. AMEN…..
@ Mr.D.D.O.D.S

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